Hospitality Attendant

Position:  Hospitality Attendant
Department:  Hospitality
Reports to:  Volunteer Coordinator
Positions per Shift:  2

Are you friendly and helpful?  Wanna hang out in the air conditioning for a few hours, and meet some bands?  We could use your help.  This is a two-person job, so sign up with a friend, or let us issue you one for your shift!  Oh yeah, and no promises on that air conditioning…

Overall Responsibility

Ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the hospitality room.  Ensure the comfort of the artists.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Maintain snack and beverage stocks at adequate levels.
  • Maintain gift table stock at adequate levels.
  • Provide directions and festival information to artists.
  • Relay comments and complaints to the volunteer coordinator in a timely fashion.