Position:  Photographer
Department:  Marketing
Reports to:  Volunteer Coordinator

Do you own a nice camera, and know how to use it?  Are you someone that’s just starting a career in professional photography, and could use some experience?  Or are you a seasoned professional that would like to volunteer your time?  Help us capture the Linton Music Festival in ways only you can.

Overall Responsibility

Capture moments of the Linton Music Festival for use in promotional material (e.g. the official web site, handbills, posters, social media).  May be provided some direction, but free to capture anything and everything.

Details, Details, Details

  • Will receive credit for work.
  • Must provide own camera, recording media, and related equipment.
  • Will be required to provide the Linton Music Festival with digital copies of all photographs at the end of each shift/day.