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no more kings – neil & pete

No More Kings


pete and neil started writing songs together in high school.

they were silly sonnets about aliens abducting pete’s dog. but even then, there was the kernel of something bigger. soon, they started playing shows together as an acoustic duo. they played local coffee shops and college events. eventually they decided to expand their sound and formed No More Kings. The new sound retained all of the spontaneity and energy of their live acoustic stuff, but added the full funky sound of drums and bass.

before they had a chance to record anything professionally as No More Kings, pete and neil moved to los angeles, essentially putting the band on hold. but it wasn’t long until their former bass player, adam, decided to sign them to his indie label.

with the backing of a label, No More Kings recorded their first studio album in 2006. their first single, Sweep the Leg, with its accompanying pop-culture, 80s nostalgia packed music video, cemented the duo as geek rock heroes.

pete mitchell was raised by a television set.

pete mitchellHe grew up making kungfu movies with his parents’ camcorder, making videogames with his commodore 64, and making music with his buddy Neil. He writes songs about zombies, talking cars and Smurfs. He draws zombies, talking cars and Smurfs.

After graduating with a degree in Painting from Providence College, he moved to Los Angeles, where he found himself working alongside incredibly talented artists at Disney as well as the Jim Henson company.

He sings without thinking, laughs at his own jokes, and runs like a girl. A slow, clumsy bearded girl.


neil degraide was born as a connecticut yankee in king arthur’s court.

neil degraide
by age 5, his calf muscles were herculean. by 14 he had burned through the necks of twelve guitars.

his hair, eyebrows and beard are fashioned such that his head looks the same upside down as it does right side up.