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ICON is a melody driven aggressive metal band based out of Linton and Sullivan Indiana. The band features Bill Terrell on vocals, Danny Holmes on guitar, Rich White on bass guitar, And Kris Walters affectionately called the package by his bandmates on the drums. This will be ICONs first performance at the music fest but its member are no strangers to big shows. Terrell spent over 12 years touring the world with his former outfit out of Denver,Colorado ROGUE opening for some of the biggest acts in the business including Megadeth, Static X,Fear Factory, and Judas Priest. The other members are well known in this area from years of throwin down with their former acts The Atomic Farmboyz and Peacemaker to name a few. The group is set to record their first cd in November and their original melody metal is sure to please. The band will have t shirts for sale at the fest and the shirts include an incredible picture of local model Stephanie Lyne Phegley Lookin gorgeous and oh so metal. The band wants prospective audience members to know that they are’nt a one trick pony. We bring a very diverse well rounded sound with us and have more melody than most metal bands can comprehend. Also we are a tremendous live band whose energy on stage is unrivaled. We make any crowd respond that is our gift. BE THERE YOU WILL SEE!! This band doesnt believe in the word fan we call our listeners friends because thats what they are we’d be nothing without them.When asked why the band chose ICON for a name the response is simply because Totally Fricken Shweet was already taken. Link up to the band through facebook by going to Icon Rock.