A-coup-stick (Craig Thurston)

Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/acoupstickcraigthurston

I grew up in Noblesville, Indiana home of Deer Creek Music Center. Saw my first Dead show as an employee there (parking attendant) when I was sixteen and the rest of my days were seriously altered from that point to the present. I bought my first guitar when I was nineteen and became obsessed with the music I loved; Dead, Dylan, CSNY, Floyd, and countless others. I have studied music (classical blues and jazz guitar as well as music theory) extensively at Indiana University although I do not have the music degree to show for the effort. My most cherished posession is a National Duolian which dates from 1934-37 or 38 and belonged to my grandfather, since at least 1942. My music escapes the rigidity and complexity of the music that I studied at school and spans across many genres. The best is yet to come.