Fundraising opportunity available for local civic groups

Is your organization currently looking for fundraising opportunities?

The Linton Community Development Corporation and the Linton Music Festival are currently seeking local charitable organizations, sports teams, clubs, church groups, and philanthropic groups to assist with parking operations and the children’s play area at this year’s event. This is a unique opportunity that combines community involvement with fundraising.

What is required?
Your group would be required to provide staffing for a minimum of 1 shift during the festival which runs from Friday. Aug. 30 to Sunday, Sep. 1.
What are the hours?
Friday – 1 Shift Only – 5pm – 10pm
Saturday – Shift A – Noon – 5pm, Shift B – 5pm – 10pm
Sunday – Shift A – 1pm – 5pm, Shift B – 5pm – 10pm
A total of 10 shifts are available. (5 for parking, 5 for Children’s play area)
A minimum staff of at least 4 is required at all times with a minimum of 6 staff members required during peak hours of 4pm-8pm
Children’s Play Area
A minimum staff of 4 is required at all times with a minimum of 6 staff members during peak hours of 4pm-8pm

What responsibilities are involved?
– Accept payment for parking and assist guests with parking in an organized manner North of Humphreys Park
– Greet artists, volunteers, sponsors, and staff and allow access to restricted parking areas.
– Distribute event programs
Children’s Play Area
– Accept payment for play area admission and distribute wristbands
– Supervise guests to ensure safety at all times and limit crowding on inflatable attractions.
How much can we earn?
Your group will earn $250 total for each completed shift. (Minimum staff requirements must be met.)
How many shifts can we work? 

Each group may work as many shifts as requested as long as minimum staffing requirements are met at all times. Shifts will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.
– $50 Deposit Required. Why? The deposit is required as a gesture of commitment to secure a group’s shift(s) during the festival. All deposits are returned in full at the close of the festival along with payment for shift(s) completed.
– Your organization must be based in Greene County, Indiana
– You must have received tax exempt status from the State of Indiana on or before Jan. 1, 2013. (Groups may also be affiliated with/sponsored by a church, school, or local government)
– All participants must review and sign liability waivers.

– The Linton Community Development Corporation reserves the right to deny participation to any group.

Contact us for more info.